Quality Enhancement Plan


The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is one part of a two-component requirement for reaffirmation of accreditation of Hampden-Sydney College by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

"Preparing Good Men and Great Leaders for a Culturally Diverse World"(August 1, 2006)

Following a detailed review of the College's mission and educational objectives, and bearing in mind the strict criteria mandated by SACS for a QEP, the College developed a plan entitled Preparing Good Men and Great Leaders for a Culturally Diverse World.  As its title suggests, this plan builds upon the College's historical success in educating its graduates for leadership by enhancing its students' intercultural competence-that is, their understanding of the changing world, their appreciation of differences among diverse peoples, and their skills in communicating and interacting with people very different from themselves.

Executive Summary

Full Proposal

The Quality Enhancement Plan as a Part of Overall Planning

The QEP Committee thinks it would be beneficial to distinguish between two major College planning efforts: long-range or strategic planning and academic quality enhancement planning. 

For decades the College has engaged in long-range planning, a process that culminates in a strategic plan.  For example, in 2003 the Trustees approved a Long-Range Plan Through 2005 containing four major goals with dozens of sub-goals.  This type of planning exercise envisions change over the wide range of College operations, academic as well as non-academic.  Further, this planning process sets the stage for development (financial support) efforts.

In contrast, the SACS-mandated Quality Enhancement Plan focuses narrowly on strictly academic projects that can be completed in a short span of time.  SACS is clear in its documents that this QEP must:

  • address a College need[s] that enhances student learning,
  • be limited to one or just a few educational issues,
  • have clear benchmarks for success,
  • have widespread support,
  • be able to be accomplished within five years, and
  • be economically feasible (that is, the College must have the financial resources to accomplish the plan within the five-year time frame.)

While strategic planning is vital for the well-being of the College, the type of long-range planning in which we have previously engaged does not meet the requirements of the SACS Quality Enhancement Planning process.