James Richard Leutze

H-SC President, 1987-1990James Richard Leutze

In 1987 the Board elected as President James Richard Leutze, a distinguished and popular professor of history at the University of North Carolina.

A native of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, he was educated at the University of Maryland, the University of Miami, and Duke. For nineteen years he had been a professor at Chapel Hill and had served in the administration there, winning several awards for teaching and research that concentrated on modern military history and international affairs; he had also won acclaim for his public television program Globe Watch.

Dr. Leutze oversaw the establishment at Hampden-Sydney of several new courses of an international character and a Certificate in International Studies. The Carpenter Residence Halls were completed in 1990 and work begun on Settle Hall which would be completed in 1991. 

Dr. Leutze resigned to become Chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.