President Howard Speaks to Sorensen Institute Graduates

December 07, 2012

On December 7, President Chris Howard spoke at the commencement ceremony for the Political Leadership Program at the Sorensen Institute in Charlottesville. The Sorensen Institute was founded in 1993 at the University of Virginia and its goal is to bring together diverse individuals with a passion for politics and public service with a mission for "strengthen[ing] and enhanc[ing] the quality of government at all levels throughout Virginia." Dr. Howard spoke to the 36 members of the Political Leadership Program about the necessity of acting with courage in order to lead courageously. While in Charlottesville, Dr. Howard also met with UVA Law professor A. E. Dick Howard, a fellow Rhodes Scholar and a leading national expert on constitutional law. Professor Howard hopes to visit Hampden-Sydney soon to meet with the H-SC Pre-Law Society and discuss the Roberts Court, the Constitution, and the role of government.

Sorensen gift

President Howard presented Bob Gibson, Executive Director of the Sorensen Institute, with a framed picture of Attorney General Bobby Kennedy and Vice President George H.W. Bush taken during their visits to Hampden-Sydney. Photo Credit: Cloverdale Photography, LLC.