Dr. Howard Meets with Student Leaders

April 02, 2013

On Tuesday, April 2, President Howard had breakfast with the current Student Government executive officers as well as the students recently elected to those positions. Dr. Howard praised the out-going officers for their hard work and for a job well done. Those students include Student Government President Britt McKenzie '13, Student Court Chairman Alex Cartwright '13, CAC Chairman Franklin Bowers '13, Secretary Treasurer Seth Wagner '14, and Student Senate Chairman Frederick Antoine '14.

President Howard welcomed the newley elected executive officers, wished them good luck in their term, and encouraged them to work hard to fill the void left by their predecessors. Incoming Student Government executive officers are Justin Pugh '14 President-Elect of the Student Government, Brandon Long '14, Student Court Chairman-Elect, Stephen Nusbaum '14 CAC Chairman-Elect, and Damien Sharp '15 Secretary Tresasurer-Elect.