Senior Administration

Hampden-Sydney College Board of Trustees
M. Peebles Harrison '89, Chairman of the Board
President Larry Stimpert
Larry Stimpert, Ph.D.
President of the College
(434) 223-6110
Atkinson Hall
Glenn Culley Anita Garland
W. Glenn Culley Jr.
Vice President for
Business Affairs
& Finance
(434) 223-6216
Anita H. Garland
Dean of Admissions
(434) 223-6123
Graham Hall
Lee King David Klein Dennis Stevens, Provost and Dean of the College Walter McDermott, Interim Dean of the Faculty
Lee King '94, Ed.D.
Vice President for
Institutional Advancement
(434) 223-6145
David A Klein, D.Min.
Dean of Students
(434) 223-6128
Blake A
Dennis Stevens, Ph.D.
(434) 223-6112
Walter McDermott, Ph.D. 
Interim Dean of the Faculty
(434) 223-6152

Keary M. Mariannino  Executive Secretary to  the President Angela T. Clark  Administrative Secretary,  President's Office;  College Events Cameron Cary Director of College Events
Keary M. Mariannino 
Executive Secretary to 
the President
(434) 223-6110
Angela T. Clark 
Administrative Secretary, 
President's Office; 
College Events
(434) 223-6114
Cameron Cary
Director of College Events
(434) 223-6138