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A Book About Raising Boys, Engaging Guys, and Educating Men

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Where better to discuss the future of the education of young men than at Hampden-Sydney College, a stalwart of men's education? We are excited to bring together experts in this field to a variety of venues-both in person and in print-to share much needed information and guidance in this important area.

On July 25, Hampden-Sydney College hosted the What Works? Conference, a gathering of educators, authors, and thought leaders to discuss the issues surrounding raising boys, engaging guys, and educating young men to become productive and successful adults. 

The conference followed the recent publication of individual essays in cooperation with Hampden-Sydney, "What Works." According to David Granger, Editor-In-Chief of Esquire Magazine, "This book, a collection of pieces by people on the front lines of the issue, is a place to begin." Hampden-Sydney hopes that this beginning will further the discussion by offering insight and practical advice to all who are raising boys, engaging guys, and educating men. 

The conference featured talks by Dr. Michael Kimmel, author of Guyland, and Dr. Abigail Norfleet James, author of Teaching the Male Brain, How Boys Think, Feel, and Learn in School, along with Dr. Eugene Hickok '72, a panel of Hampden-Sydney alumni and faculty, and General Don Broome, President of Hargrave Military Academy.  

The book is a collection of essays by these and other thought leaders. You can read it online:

Chapter 1, How Do We Encourage Boys to cooperate?
Chapter 2, What Skills Do Boys Need to Excel in School?
Chapter 3, When Teaching Boys, What Must We Accept About Them?
Chapter 4, What Can Parents Do To Encourage Boys To Learn?
Chapter 5, What Role Models Do Boys Need?
Chapter 6, What Is 'Guyland' and its Impact on Men?
Chapter 7, What Is False Masculinity and Its Negative Consequences?
Chapter 8, Why Is It So Important to Engage College Men?
Chapter 9, How Can We Ensure Young Men of Color Are Not Left Behind?
Chapter 10, How Should We Reimagine Education for Males and Females?
Chapter 11, Differences in the Way Men and Women Experience College
Chapter 12, Why Do Young Men Still Want to Learn to Be Good Fathers?
Chapter 13, The Role of Men's Studies in Improving Lives of College Men
Chapter 14, Why Single-Sex Education Is a Viable Educational Option
Epilogue: Contributing to the Blueprint

In the spirit of continuing the discussion, Hampden-Sydney College presented "What Works: A Discussion of Raising Boys, Engaging Guys, and Educating Men" at the Charlotte Country Day School in Charlotte, NC on November 17, 2014 and at The Boys Latin School of Maryland on March 31, 2015.

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