Why choose H-SC

Professor Perry with Hampden-Sydney College students

Hampden-Sydney College infographic

There are many reasons to choose H-SC. Here are just a few. 

We know how to educate and empower young men.

Hampden-Sydney College has a 9% higher graduation rate than the national average for men. Here you will find a real brotherhood: friends and mentors who will walk with you on your journey.

History is alive at H-SC.

In continuous operation since November 10, 1775 (Patrick Henry and James Madison were among its first Trustees,) Hampden-Sydney is the tenth oldest college in the United States.

Size matters.

Small classes and an engaged community create the kind of environment where young men learn best.

Speak and write well.

Established more than thirty years ago, the Rhetoric Program ensures that every H-SC student will write well and communicate persuasively, skills that give our graduates a competitive edge in graduate or professional schools and careers.


Honor governs the behavior of our students and fosters a culture of mutual trust and respect that's obvious in even the smallest interactions, like the way we greet everyone we meet on campus. Hampden-Sydney men live by the Honor Code and hold each other accountable for their actions through a student-run justice system.


With over 240 years of experience, Hampden-Sydney knows a little something about tradition. From values and civility to the oldest small college football rivalry in the south, Hampden-Sydney celebrates traditional values with a modern flair.

The Outdoor Experience

Hampden-Sydney's 1,330-acre campus and rural environment offers students a way to relax and enjoy the beautiful and abundant resources that Central Virginia has to offer. Easy access to forests, fields, streams, and open water provide ample opportunity for hunting, fishing, trap shooting, biking, or camping.