Education Goals

Since 1775 the mission of Hampden-Sydney College has been to form good men and good citizens in an atmosphere of sound learning. To fulfill this mission, the college holds high ideals in each of three areas: character, curriculum, and climate. The College expects its students to be gentlemen of good moral character and to be active and informed participants in the life of their communities. Through their work in classes, students realize that learning is fulfilling work, and fulfilling work draws on learning. In their years at the College, students develop ways of learning that will make their lives productive, as they refine their abilities to read and think critically, analytically, creatively, and independently; acquire an integrated education in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences; and pursue deeper studies in one or more major areas. Overall, the education students gain at Hampden-Sydney and the work they do here help prepare them to be responsible, productive citizens. The intellectual and moral climate at the College supports the development of graduates who are prepared for an active life informed both by theory and by structured, considered experience.