Education Goals on Campus Climate

The intellectual and moral climate at the College will nurture each student's mind, body, and character in the following ways:

  1. Challenge students to integrate their academic, social and moral training in ways that point them toward moral and intellectual understanding and fulfillment. To this end, the College will:

    • maintain an intellectually stimulating atmosphere through lectures, music, film, and other programs.
    • foster an environment in which social and personal development and intellectual growth are mutually supported by a challenging curricular and extra-curricular life.
    • provide leadership development activities.
  2. Encourage students to develop standards of civil conduct and to participate in and enhance the College's community environment. The College will:

    • direct attention to social issues through programs and open symposia.
    • support the individual and collective spiritual development of community members through formal and informal programs and open discussion.
    • hold community members accountable for maintaining a civil atmosphere at the College, and for living by the principles of the Honor Code.
    • encourage reasonable and civil discussion and debate.
    • provide safe and satisfying social and leisure opportunities.
  3. Promote active, healthful lifestyles for students and affirm the complementary balance between mental, emotional, and physical fitness. The College will:

    • provide athletic facilities and resources necessary to enable all students to develop fitness awareness and skills.
    • encourage participation in physical activities, both individual and team.
  4. Provide the resources required for student services and development, including the library, the Writing Center, the computer center, academic, financial aid and personal counselors, the Office of International Study, the Office of the Dean of Students and associated student programs, athletic program, health services, and the Office of Career Services.

  5. Provide physical resources that meet the academic, social, residential, and athletic needs of students, and the professional needs of faculty and staff. These needs will be the primary consideration in any plans for new construction or renovation of existing facilities.

  6. Encourage lifelong alumni participation in the intellectual and social life of the College.