Administrative and Support Staff



Christopher B. Howard, B.S., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. – President of the College
W. Glenn Culley, B.S., M.B.A. - Vice President for Business Affairs and Finance
Richard P. Epperson II, B.A., M.S. – Director of Athletics
Anita H. Garland, B.A., M.B.A. – Dean of Admissions
V. Dale Jones, B.S., M.B.A., M.A., Ph.D. – Vice President for Strategy, Administration, and Board Affairs
H. Lee King, Jr., B.A., Ed.D. - Vice President for Institutional Advancement
David A. Klein, B.A., D.Min. – Dean of Students
Dennis G. Stevens, A.B., Ph.D. - Provost and Dean of the Faculty


Barbara S. Armentrout – Director of Human Resources
Shelby E. Asal – Postmaster
Terry W. Baldwin – Supervisor of Grounds
Robert W. Bareford, B.A. - Head Tennis Coach
Zita M. Barree, B.S., M.B.A. – Director of Financial Aid
James E. Barton, B.A., M.B.A. - Director of Alumni Relations
Stephen C. Boles, B.A. – Superintendent of Grounds
Frasher A. Bolton, B.A. - Assistant Director of Reunion Giving
Paul W. Brammer, B.A., M.Ed. - Director of the Hampden-Sydney Fund
Nicole V. Branch, B.S. – Prospect Researcher, Institutional Advancement
Jeffrey S. Brown, B.A., M.A. - Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police
W. Hunter Brown, B.A. - Special Assistant to the President
C. Beeler Brush, B.A. – Senior Major Gifts Officer
Brian T. Burns, B.S., M.Ed., M.L.S. – Media Librarian
Lisa A. Burns, B.S, M.S. – Director for Academic Success
Christopher S. Burroughs, B.S. - Jenzabar EX Database Administrator
Aaron P. Busi – Windows Systems Administrator/Network Analyst, Computing Center
Cynthia O. Campbell, A.A.S. – Assistant Registrar
Johnson D. Carpenter, B.A. - Assistant Director of Hampden-Sydney Fund
Eunice W. Carwile, B.A., M.A. – Director of Grants and Special Projects, Institutional Advancement
A. Cameron Cary, B.S. - Director of College Events
Ann S. Cassell, B.A. - Director of Development
Lynn N. Clements – Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Dawn Congleton, B.S., M.B.A. – Registrar
Maryska S. Connolly-Brown, B.A., M.A.T., M.L.I.S. - Technical Services Librarian, Bortz Library
Sandra P. Cooke, B.S., B.A. – Director of Student Affairs Operations and Civic Engagement
Thomas F. Cosgrove, B.S. - Major Gifts Officer
Hakeem J. Croom, B.A. - Assistant Dean for Inclusion and First Year Transition
Brandon M. Davis, B.S., M.Ed. - Head Athletic Trainer
Robert R. Davis III – Software Developer, Computing Center
Sean V. Davis, B.A. – Senior Manager of Client Services, Computing Center
Cyrus I. Dillon III, B.A., M.A., Ph.D – Director of the Library and College Computing
Cheryle M. Dixon, B.S., M.S. – Webmaster, Computing Center
Wesley M. Dodson, B.S. – Assistant Football Coach and Defensive Coordinator
Rolando C. Doronila, B.S. - Graphic Designer
Candice J. Dowdy, B.S. – Director of Constituent Relations, Institutional Advancement
John L. Dudley, B.A., M.S. – Director of College Social Media
J. Michael Edwards, B.A., M.S. - Assistant Director of TigeRec
Martin A. Favret, B.A. – Head Football Coach
Jason M. Ferguson, B.A., M.S. – Director of Admissions
Lisa Franklin-Prioleau, B.A., M.S. - Academic Counselor
Jeffrey S. Gee, A.A.S., B.S. – Deputy Chief of Police
David L. Giles. – Director of Facility Support, Physical Plant
Paul J. Giles – Assistant Director of Physical Plant and Supervisor of Maintenance
B. Nicholas Goins, B.A. - Assistant Football Coach
Margaret P. Graham, B.S.N., R.N.-B.C. – Director of the Student Health Center
Heather B. Hammock, B.S., M.Ed. - Counselor, Wellness Center
Cheryl C. Hill, B.S. – Assistant Controller, Business Office
Shaunna E. Hunter-McKinney, B.A., M.L.I.S. – Public Services Librarian and Associate Library Director
Andrea R. Jones, B.A., M.A. – Director of the Wellness Center
Jeffrey C. Kinne, B.A. – Head Baseball Coach
Michael A. Lee, B.A. - Assistant Dean of Admissions
Berkeley C. Leonard, B.A. – Associate Dean of Admissions
Elizabeth L. Leonard - Director of TigeRec, Head Cross Country and Head Swim Coach
Mac H. Main - Head Golf and Wrestling Coach
Scott Markland, B.A. – Assistant Dean of Admissions
R. Alan Mason - Supervisor of Housekeeping
Ellen L. Masters, B.F.A., M.S. - Director of Career Education and Vocational Reflection
Angus K. McClellan, B.A. - College Editor
Walter C. McDermott, B.S.S.E., M.S., Ph.D. - Associate Dean of the Faculty
Ian D. McMichael, B.S., M.A.T. - Head Soccer Coach
Mark G. Meitz, B.A. - Major Gifts Officer, Institutional Advancement
Kimberly S. Michaux - Bookstore Manager
Richard M. Pantele, B.A. - Assistant Dean for Student Activities and Organizations
John C. Prengaman - Director of Physical Plant
W. Todd Pugh, B.S. – Senior Systems Administrator/Network Administrator, Computing Center
John R. C. Ramsay, B.A. – Director of Residence Life
Randy W. Reed, B.A. – Director of Planned Giving, Institutional Advancement
Lana M. Reinson – Director of Advancement Services, Institutional Advancement
Edward E. Roberts, Jr., B.A., M.A. – Major Gifts Officer, Institutional Advancement
Shirley M. Robertson, B.S. – Business Operations Manager, Business Office
Christine C. Ross, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. – Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
Jason R. Rostan, B.A. – Assistant Lacrosse Coach
Raymond H. Rostan, B.A., M.S. – Head Lacrosse Coach
Connor A. Rund, B.A. - Assistant Dean of Admissions
Robert P. Sabbatini, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S. - Associate Dean of Students
M. Tyler Sanborn, B.A. - Assistant Basketball Coach
John M. Scholer, A.B., Th.M., D.Min., Ph.D. - Interim Pastor of College Church and Interim College Chaplain
Thomas H. Shomo, B.A., M.Ed. – Director of Marketing and Communications
Patrick S. Slinka, B.A., M.Ed. - Assistant Soccer Coach
Michael A. Smith, B.A., M.B.A. - Controller
L. Rucker Snead III, B.A., M.A., M.M.A.S. – Director of the Wilson Center
Rebecca A. Snyder, B.S., M.Ed. - Associate Director of Career Education & Vocational Reflection
Erika K. Spudie, B.A., M.Ed. - Assistant Athletic Trainer
G. Penn Stephenson, B.A., M.Ed. – Assistant Football Coach
Rosa C. Thomas, B.S., M.S. – Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Michael T. Timma, B.A., M.S.L.S. - Library Technologist and Blackboard Administrator, Bortz Library
Jared E. Traylor, B.A. – Assistant Football Coach
Durant G. Vick, B.S. – Head Basketball Coach
Alexandria V. Walker, B.F.A. - Graphic Designer
Angela J. Way, B.A., M.A. – Director and Curator, Atkinson Museum
Jordan V. White, B.A. - Assistant Dean of Admissions
Shawn R. White, B.S., M.A. – Assistant Dean of Students for Substance Education
Daniella L. Widdows, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.- Director of Global Education and Study Abroad
R. Davis Yake, B.A. – Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations and Compliance


Jennifer S. Allen – Senior Secretary and Recruiting Coordinator, Office of Career Education & Vocational Reflection
Elizabeth C. Amos – Assistant Manager and Textbook Buyer, Bookstore
Patricia A. Brandt – Academic Secretary, Rhetoric Program
Mary M. Brooks – Administrative Secretary and Student Visits Coordinator, Admissions Office
C. Beth Bryant – Accounts Payable and Purchasing Assistant, Business Office
Janice D. Burkhart, B.S. – Accounts Payable and Purchasing Manager, Business Office
Robert T. Card, Jr. – Inventory and Shipping/Receiving Manager, Bookstore
Connie L. Clabo – Payroll Manager, Human Resources Office
Angela T. Clark, A.A.S. - Administrative Secretary, President's Office and College Events Assistant
Jennifer W. Cochrane, B.S. – Secretary, Marketing & Communications
Marianne Congleton, B.A. - Student Accounts Manager, Business Office
Ava E. Corbett – Library Assistant for Public Services
Ralph A. Crawley – Water/Sewer Supervisor, Physical Plant
Maureen Culley, B.S. - Circulation, Reserve, and Interlibrary Loan Assistant, Bortz Library
D. Wayne East – Inventory, Purchasing and Storage Coordinator, Physical Plant
C. Denise Faircloth – Nurse Receptionist
Michelle L. Fenton, A.A.S. - Postal Operations Assistant
Debra G. Fletcher - Office Manager and Systems Supervisor, Financial Aid Office
Karen H. Fowler - Senior Secretary and Binding Assistant, Bortz Library
T. Mark Fowler – Sergeant, Campus Security and Police
Joyce W. Fulcher – Secretary, Registrar's Office
Glenwood M. Giles – Assistant Supervisor of Maintenance and HVAC Mechanic, Physical Plant
William E. Gillen – Key Control and Motorpool Coordinator, Physical Plant
JoAnne B. Hazelwood – Summer Programs Coordinator and Manager for the Manor Cottages
Rose I. Hedges Chonko, B.S. – Senior Secretary, Institutional Advancement
Pamela M. Henshaw – Application Coordinator, Admissions Office
Deborah B. Herndon - Benefits Manager, Human Resources Office
Phyllis S. Hill – Secretary, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Officers, Institutional Advancement
Martha C. Hilton, B.S. - Administrative Secretary, Provost and Dean of the Faculty's Office
Beverly B. Hines, B.S., M.S. – Stockroom Supervisor, Chemistry Department and Fine Arts Assistant
Jane F. Holland – Senior Academic Secretary, Morton Hall
Jason L. Huskey, B.A. - Head Cashier and Trade Book Buyer, Bookstore
Shirley T. Huskey – Student Life Data Coordinator
Charles W. Ironmonger, Jr. – Fire Safety Supervisor and Acting Emergency Coordinator
Krista F. Jacobs – Administrative Secretary, Athletic Department
Jennie S. Jenkins, B.S. – Laboratory Technician, Biology Department
Norma S. Kernodle – Public Information Services Coordinator
Barbara P. Kiewiet de Jonge, B.S.N. R.N.-B.C. – Primary College Health Nurse
Linda G. Layne, A.A.S. - Human Resources Assistant
Tina D. Major, A.A.S., B.S., M.L.I.S. – Library Assistant in Acquisitions and Cataloging
Noel Malave – Campus Security and Police Officer
Kelly S. Malone Dudley, B.A. - Web Content Editor
Keary M. Mariannino, B.S.B.A. - Executive Secretary to the President
Debbie W. Maxey – Operations Supervisor, Admissions Office
Linda M. Napier – Gift Accounting Assistant, Institutional Advancement
Lisa H. Newcomb – Data Management Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
Margaret E. Nicely, B.A. – Cashier, Business Office
Jessica M. Otey, B.S. - Academic Secretary, Bagby Hall & Global Education and Student Abroad Assistant
C. Edward Palmertree, Jr., A.A.S. – Telecommunications System Technician
O. Bret Peaden, B.A. – Library Assistant for Public Services
Jennifer A. Porter - Gift Accounting Coordinator, Institutional Advancement
Brandy R. Puckett, B.S. – Administrative Secretary, Business Office
Brenda M. Reamer – Helpdesk Coordinator and Office Assistant, Computing Center
May S. Reed, B.A. – Assistant to the Director, Wilson Center for Leadership
Elizabeth M. Robertson – Data Coordinator, Admissions Office
Irvin M. Robertson – Laboratory Technician, Physics and Astronomy Department
Karen I. Rostan, A.A.S. – Operations Assistant and Merchandise Buyer, Bookstore
John C. Shelton, A.A.S. – Assistant Fire Safety Technician
Bobby L. Simmons – Campus Security and Police Officer
C. Beckie Smith, A.A.S. – Academic Secretary, Gilmer Hall
S. Nicole Sozos – Postal Operations Assistant
Kindall A. Stevenson, B.A. - Coordinator of Local Media and Assistant to the Director of Marketing and Communications
P. Lee Stone, A.A.S., B.S. - Campus Security and Police Officer
Sarah W. Tolley, B.S. – Office Manager, Physical Plant
Patricia A. Townsend, B.S., M.Ed. – Administrative Secretary, Office of Student Affairs
Thomas J. Travis – Campus Security and Police Officer
Adrienne M. Traylor, B.A. - Secretary, Wellness Center
Kevin A. Tuck, B.S., M.A. – Production Manager, Marketing & Communications
Desiree A. Varga, B.A. - Library Assistant for Public Services
Ferenc Varga, B.A. – Library Assistant in Cataloging
Gerri C. Williams – Senior Secretary, Associate Dean for Academic Support
Lester C. Worrell - Assistant Supervisor of Housekeeping, Physical Plant
Sandra F. Yeatts, B.M.E., M.S. – Administrative Secretary, Institutional Advancement