Summary of Admission Plans

As the nation's tenth oldest college, and the oldest for men, Hampden-Sydney offers solid reasons for students to attend: a complete undergraduate research library, well-trained and caring faculty members, successful job and graduate-school placement, superior facilities, advanced technological capabilities, internship and study-abroad opportunities, a competitive athletic program, and many social and extracurricular activities. On its safe, spacious campus, Hampden-Sydney also provides unequaled encouragement for students to rise to any level they choose. The rigorous academic program, based in the liberal arts and protected by a strong Honor Code, emphasizes analytical and communications skills to prepare students for just about any career. At the College men become leaders.

Young men considering Hampden-Sydney are sent numerous publications about the College. All enrolled students are sent a copy of this Academic Catalogue, the official publication of the College.

Decisions on admissions are made by the Admissions Committee of the Faculty and by the Admissions Office.


Prospective students are expected to have mastered a solid, demanding college-preparatory program before entering Hampden-Sydney, including at least four units of English, two units of one foreign language, three units of mathematics, two units of natural science (one of which must be a laboratory course), and one unit of social science. In addition, a third unit of foreign language and a fourth unit of mathematics are recommended. The records of successful applicants often include examples of impressive school and community extracurricular contributions in addition to their academic preparation.

Hampden-Sydney requires its applicants to submit the results they have achieved on the SAT, given by the College Entrance Examination Board, or the ACT, given by the American College Testing Program.

For further information on these tests, candidates are encouraged to contact their secondary-school guidance department or visit the College Entrance Examination Board at (the Board's code number for Hampden-Sydney College is 5291); or the American College Testing Program at (the ACT code number for Hampden-Sydney College is 4356).

For the 2016 entering class, the middle 50% GPA was 3.1-3.9; the middle 50% of the total SAT (Critical Reading and Math only) was 1010-1230 (This would be the equivalent of 1090-1300 on the 2016 SAT); the middle 50% of the ACT composite score was 21-28.


For an application to Hampden-Sydney College to be considered complete, it must contain an Application for Admission, a transcript of high-school grades (and any previous college grades for transfer applicants), an essay, one teacher recommendation, and the results of the candidate's SAT or ACT test. A student may apply electronically at Hampden-Sydney also accepts the Common Application in lieu of its own form and gives equal consideration to both. 

Candidates wishing to support their applications with additional personal recommendations may do so up to a recommended maximum of three. The Faculty Admissions Committee, while finding recommendations helpful in the selection process, is not necessarily impressed by sheer volume, which often makes objective evaluation more difficult.


Candidates considering Hampden-Sydney College are strongly encouraged and, in some cases, may be required to visit the campus for a personal interview. Students conduct tours of the campus, and conferences with professors and/or coaches can be arranged. Requests for appointments should be directed to the Admissions Office at (800) 755-0733. The Office is located in Graham Hall and is open year-round from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Open House programs are held on selected Saturdays during the year, to which students receive an invitation. A guide, with complete instructions for visitors, is forwarded prior to all appointments if sufficient notice is given.


Early Decision Plan

The Early Decision Plan is reserved for high-school seniors whose first choice of college is Hampden-Sydney and who, if accepted, agree to enroll at Hampden-Sydney College, provided their financial aid award is sufficient. You must file your Early Decision application by November 15 of your senior year; supporting documents should arrive as soon as possible after your application is submitted. (You may still apply to other colleges, but not under an Early Decision Plan.) Our decision letter is mailed to you 14 business days after your application file is complete. You must confirm your place in the class by submitting a non-refundable reservation deposit postmarked on or before January 15 and withdraw all applications to other colleges and make no further ones. If you are deferred, you receive thorough, unbiased consideration once further grades are received in your behalf.

Early Action Plans I and II

The Early Action Plans are reserved for high-school seniors whose applications are received by either December 15 (Early Action Plan I), or January 15 (Early Action Plan II). Supporting documents should be filed as soon as possible after your application is submitted.

Decision letters are mailed from the College 14 business days after your application is complete. You are expected to confirm your place in the incoming class by May 1.

Regular Decision Plan

Under the Regular Decision Plan, you should submit your application to the College as early as possible, but no later than Hampden-Sydney's application deadline of March 1. Supporting documents should be sent as soon as possible after your application is submitted.

Decision letters are mailed from the College 14 business days after your application is complete. If you are accepted, you are expected to confirm your place in the incoming class by May 1.

Early Admission Plan

Hampden-Sydney recognizes that some students with records of superior academic achievement and promise may require fewer than the usual four years of high school to prepare for college. Under the Early Admission Plan, qualified candidates whose credentials are received by July 1 after their junior year receive an acceptance or deferral no later than July 31. Availability of space could be a determinant in the College's willingness to consider Early Admission candidates.

Candidates applying under the Early Admission Plan must have earned a high-school diploma or present official evidence in writing that a diploma will be forthcoming upon the satisfactory conclusion of the student's freshman year at Hampden-Sydney.

If Early Admission candidates elect to take the college admission tests, they must do so by May of their junior year. Although they must file their applications by July 1, the final date for submission of transcripts, letters of recommendation, and scores is July 15. Candidates must visit Hampden-Sydney for an interview.

Applicants accepted under this plan must send their reservation deposits within three weeks after acceptance. This deposit is not refundable.


Applicants wishing to be considered for financial aid (federal grants, College grants and scholarships, loans and work-study awards) should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA; code number 003713). The FAFSA will be available on October 1, 2016 and should be completed no later than March 1, 2017. Students may complete the FAFSA via the Internet at

It should be noted that Hampden-Sydney has been able to provide a high percentage of indicated need for our applicants for admission.


Transfer Students must complete at least four semesters of full-time study (or the equivalent) at Hampden-Sydney to satisfy degree requirements. They may enter in either the fall or the spring semester.

Besides the required high-school credentials, transfer students should provide official transcripts of all undergraduate studies already undertaken, along with a letter of recommendation from a dean or other appropriate official. While academic work completed at the college level is a more current indicator of a student's potential success at Hampden-Sydney, the Admissions Committee also considers the high-school record and test scores. Personal interviews are strongly encouraged.

Qualified transfer students desiring to enter in the fall semester should apply by July 1. Those interested in second-semester admission should apply by December 1.

Hampden-Sydney normally offers junior-year standing to students holding an A.A. degree in liberal-arts subject matter from an accredited community or junior college. A 3.0 (B) or higher grade-point average is usually required for automatic junior-year standing. Up to, but not exceeding, 60 credit hours may be given for course work similar to that offered by Hampden-Sydney for students applying under this category.

A student from another institution must have earned a grade of "C" or better in all courses which he presents for transfer. Credit is normally awarded only for those courses equivalent to courses offered at Hampden-Sydney College.

A transfer student must meet all of Hampden-Sydney's proficiency and distribution requirements, either as a result of his previous college work or after matriculation at Hampden-Sydney. The Registrar will review a student's transcript and advise him concerning transfer credits and the College's requirements.

The College normally denies admission to a transfer applicant if he is ineligible to return to the college from which he wishes to transfer, or if his previous college work fails to show promise of success at Hampden-Sydney.

Transfer students who expect to receive six credit hours for composition courses taken elsewhere must take and pass the Rhetoric Proficiency Examination at the beginning of their first semester of residence.


Dual enrollment credits for students earning college credits while enrolled in high school are handled like transfer credits (please see previous section). It is the student's responsibility to see that an official transcript from the community college listing the dual enrolled courses is sent to the Admissions Office at Hampden-Sydney before the student enrolls, so that appropriate dual enrollment credit can be awarded.


A student who achieves a score of four or five on an advanced placement examination of the College Board will receive up to eight hours of academic credit and exemption from corresponding core requirements. Exemptions from requirements for the academic major are determined by the appropriate department (see chart). A student who chooses to take a course for which he has been granted advanced placement will not receive additional credit. It is the student's responsibility to see that official AP score reports are sent to the Registrar's Office at Hampden-Sydney before the student enrolls, so that appropriate AP credit can be awarded.


Hampden-Sydney is committed to the recruitment of international students. Special application forms are available from the Admissions Office for:

  • non-U.S. citizens living abroad;
  • non-resident aliens temporarily living in the United States;
  • permanent residents of the United States (unless their last two years of education were completed in the U.S.);
  • U.S. citizens with foreign diplomas or degrees.

Applicants seeking to begin studies in the fall semester should submit applications and supporting credentials by February 1. All documents written in languages other than English must be accompanied by certified English translations. The Admissions Office will not process applications until all supporting documents have been received.

Students from abroad are eligible for admission if they have completed, with good grades, the academic (classical) secondary-school program offered in their country. All applicants who speak or write English as a second language are required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). Test results should be sent to Hampden-Sydney. Information concerning the TOEFL and the IELTS can be found at and, respectively.


A student who achieves a score of six or seven on a Higher Level International Baccalaureate Examination will receive three to six hours of academic credit and/or exemption from the corresponding core requirements. Decisions regarding credit are made by the department concerned on an individual basis. A student who chooses to take a course for which he has been granted international baccalaureate credit will not receive additional credit.


Prospective students arriving by mass transit in two metropolitan centers serving Hampden-Sydney (Lynchburg and Richmond) can make arrangements through the Admissions Office for personalized transportation to the College. A student must call the Admissions Office (800) 755-0733, at least two weeks in advance of his visit, with information on where and when he will be arriving. The charge for each trip is $50.00 (round trips would, therefore, be double). Payment to the driver takes place at the time of the trip.


The College does not require medical information prior to admission; however, following his acceptance each student must complete a medical questionnaire and physical examination form. That form must be returned to the Student Health Center before matriculation.


Any questions concerning admission to the College should be directed to:

Office of Admissions
P.O. Box 667
Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943

(800) 755-0733 or (434) 223-6120
FAX (434) 223-6346