In addition to the need-based financial aid program, Hampden-Sydney offers several scholarships, awarded without regard to financial need, which recognize outstanding academic and extracurricular achievement. All applicants for admission to the College are automatically considered for Academic Scholarships. Additional information is available from the Office of Admissions.

Honors Scholarships. Hampden-Sydney's Honors Council will consider applicants with exceptional academic, leadership, and personal qualifications for the College's prestigious Allan, Venable, and Patrick Henry Honors Scholarships. These awards provide scholarship stipends and are renewable annually, provided the Honors Scholar continues to meet the scholarship requirements.

The Honors Council reviews the academic performance of all freshmen at the end of the spring semester. Those freshmen who are not already Honors Scholars but who have outstanding academic records are invited to apply for a Madison Scholarship during the fall of their sophomore year (or, in the case of transfer students, in the fall following their initial matriculation at the College). The applications are carefully reviewed during the early part of the spring semester, and the recipients of the Madison Scholarships are announced by the Dean of the Faculty. The Madison Scholarships provide a stipend and are renewable for the senior year, provided the Madison Scholar continues to meet the scholarship requirements. Moreover, Honors Scholars who submit a PROFILETM application and demonstrate College-determined financial need in excess of their stipend receive additional grants, including those from applicable federal and state resources, that meet 100% of their College-determined financial need. Eligibility for such additional need-based grants must be demonstrated annually by filing the FAFSA or the PROFILE application before the College's priority deadline.

Honors Scholars participate in the College's Honors Program, which gives students unusual latitude for intellectual challenge and independent study, for broadening their perspective and contemplating their formal academic pursuits. Honors Scholars participate in special courses that enhance curricular breadth and in extracurricular activities, such as educational and cultural events in Richmond and other nearby communities. They may participate in symposia at other colleges in the region or in the annual conventions of the Virginia Collegiate Honors Council. On campus they receive invitations to meals with visiting dignitaries and to special colloquia; they also may arrange symposia for participation by honors students at other colleges in the state.

Achievement Awards. The Admissions Committee considers applicants with strong leadership and academic performance in a solid, college-preparatory curriculum for an Achievement Award-President's, Dean's, or Alumni. Each Scholar receives a stipend award in recognition of his academic and leadership accomplishments. These awards are renewable annually, provided the student continues to meet the scholarship requirements. Additional funding may be available if financial need, as determined by the College, exists. A PROFILE or FAFSA application must be filed annually by the College's priority deadline.


Virginia residents attending the College for the first time must also complete a separate application for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (TAG) program. TAG, based on residency, not need, is available to bona fide residents of Virginia who attend an eligible private college or university in the Commonwealth. Instructions on how to obtain the application are mailed to each accepted Virginia freshman applicant in his financial aid award letter. Completed TAG applications must be returned to the Office of Financial Aid before July 31.


The Army ROTC program offers two-, three-, and four-year scholarships and other financial incentives to those individuals seeking leadership training and experience. Participants who successfully complete this course are commissioned 2nd Lieutenants in the United State Army, Army Reserve, or National Guard. These scholarships are merit based and not awarded on financial need or family income. Applicants accepting a scholarship must attend classes at Longwood University, a partnership school with the University of Richmond ROTC program.

If awarded an ROTC scholarship, an applicant receives full tuition per year for each year of the scholarship. In addition, the scholarship awards an annual allotment of $1,200 for textbooks and supplies plus a tax-free monthly stipend in the amount of $300 for freshmen, $350 for sophomores, $450 for juniors, and $500 for seniors.

For more information, contact the Department of Military Science at the University of Richmond at 804-287-6066, the resident military instructor at Longwood University at 434-395-2136, or the Hampden-Sydney College Career Development Office.