Honors Course Offerings

Faculty of the Divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences

Director: Jennifer E. Vitale

HONORS 101-102. (3-3)
INTRODUCTORY HONORS. Consideration of a selected topic designed to introduce students to modes of inquiry and underlying assumptions of various disciplines. Prerequisite: freshman honors scholar status; permission of the Honors Council required. Offered: 101 in the fall semester; 102 in the spring semester.

HONORS 261, 262, 361, 362, 461, 462. (1)
HONORS READING SEMINAR. A small-group seminar course normally meeting weekly and following one book over the course of a semester. Students participate in and take turns leading discussions. Additional reading, speaking, and writing assignments may be given. Open to honors scholars (sophomore and above level) and to other students with instructor's permission. Up to six courses can be taken for up to six hours counting toward graduation. Prerequisite: none. Offered: each semester.

HONORS 499-500. (6 to 15 each semester)
SENIOR FELLOWSHIP. Students selected for Senior Fellowships undertake, under the guidance of an advisory committee, at least six and at most fifteen hours of independent research during each semester of the senior year (for a year's total of between twelve and thirty hours). The final course grade at the end of each semester and the apportionment of credit hours is determined by the advisory committee, but the advisor is responsible for submitting final grades in both semesters. Prerequisites: senior status and a grade-point average of at least 3.5; selection for a Senior Fellowship by the President of the College on the recommendation of the Honors Council required. Offered: 499 in the fall semester; 500 in the spring semester.