Hampden-Sydney College offers financial aid to students who can make the most of the education that the College offers. Academic achievement and promise, as well as financial need, are considered in the initial award of College funds. Similarly, financial aid for returning students is based upon both academic performance and demonstrated need.

Entering students who wish to be considered for financial aid (federal grants, College grants and scholarships, loans and work-study awards) should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon after January 1 as possible but by no later than March 1.  Students may complete the FAFSA via the Internet at

Returning students who want to be considered for any form of financial aid (federal grants, College grants and scholarships, loans and work-study awards) should complete the FAFSA by no later than May 15.  The FAFSA can be completed via the Internet at

International students are considered only for academic scholarships-Honors Scholarships and Achievement Awards. Such students may receive additional need-based aid only if they qualify for the Allan, Venable, or Patrick Henry Scholarships; or for the President's Award. International students who do not meet the academic standards to qualify for academic scholarships will not be offered other aid.

Financial aid awards are reviewed at the end of each semester and may be withdrawn if a recipient's citizenship or academic work does not meet the standards of the College. College-sponsored grants and scholarships are limited to eight semesters and require full-time enrollment. Financial aid recipients must maintain minimum satisfactory academic progress, which is defined by Hampden-Sydney College as earning a minimum of 24 hours per academic year. In addition, students who have completed at least four semesters (or equivalent) of enrollment must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Students who fail to maintain the required minimum standards lose eligibility for all federal programs, including federal student and parent loans, and College funds. Students who lose financial aid eligibility by failing to maintain the aforementioned minimum academic standards may request reinstatement of eligibility by submitting a written appeal to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee in care of the Director of Financial Aid (Box 726). (The Committee does not routinely reinstate eligibility, but may do so when significant extenuating circumstances have prevented a student from meeting the required standards.) Academic scholarships have additional eligibility requirements. The complete Satisfactory Academic Progress policy can be found at

Detailed information regarding financial aid policy is available from the Office of Financial Aid at (434) 223-6119 or by e-mail at