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Thursday, September 24, 2015, 4:00 PM
Sigma Xi Research Symposium
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Dr. Alex Werth Published in Chronicle of Higher EducationDr. Alex Werth Published in Chronicle of Higher Education

It happens like clockwork each semester. Two weeks after a course begins, I brace myself for a wave of student complaints about the daily workload of questions, reading quizzes, and recurring tasks. I never cave to their demands, for I know just as surely that the flood of protests will begin to wither and, by the fourth week of the term, will have disappeared entirely.

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Robert Harriss '16 Teaches in Miami College Readiness ProgramRobert Harriss '16 Teaches in Miami College Readiness Program
In order to gain hands-on experience, Robert Harriss '16 worked as a teacher this summer in Miami. This opportunity was provided by Breakthrough Collaborative, an organization devoted to sending high-potential students from underserved backgrounds to college. Harriss instructed rising ninth graders from low-income neighborhoods. A major in biology and physics, Harriss taught courses in math and science and developed an elective on the tenets of leadership. Full Story...

One of the most popular majors at Hampden-Sydney, the biology program offers individually tailored preparation for graduate and professional work in research, industry, education, medicine, or government. Computer-aided experimental analysis and data presentation play a key role in many of the department’s courses. Gilmer Science Center, equipped with sophisticated instrumentation, computers, microscopes, aquaria, animal room, cold room, photographic darkroom, and research space, is ideal for for undergraduate training, faculty research, and student-faculty projects.