Biology Major/Minor Requirements

Professors DevlinL, Werth; Associate Professors Goodman, Hargadon, Wolyniak; Assistant Professors Clabough, Lowry; Visiting Assistant Professor Fischer

Chair: Alexander J. Werth

All students interested in majoring in Biology are requested to see a representative of the Department of Biology during their freshman year to discuss their future programs of study. The requirements for a major in Biology are the following: Biology 110/151 (4 hours credit); Biology 201, 202, 203 (12 hours credit); Chemistry 110/151, and either 221/152 or 230/251; at least 16 additional credit hours in Biology (for a total of 32 credit hours in Biology), not to include Biology 108, 109, 130, or 140. Majors are encouraged to take Mathematics 121 (Statistics).

Note: Majors planning to pursue graduate or professional studies should speak with Biology faculty as soon as possible to determine which other courses (e.g., calculus, physics, organic chemistry) should be taken.

The requirements for a minor in Biology are the following: Biology 110/151 (4 hours credit); two 200-level "core" courses to be chosen from among the following: Biology 201, 202, 203 (8 hours credit); two additional Biology courses at the 300-level, or, one course at the 300-level and the remaining 200-level "core" course listed above. At least one of these courses must include a laboratory (7-8 hours credit).

Please note also the availability of a minor in Environmental Studies.

Biology Course Catalogue

updated 7/25/16