H-SC and Eastern Virginia Medical School Joint Program (BS/MD)

The College has a formal agreement with Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), in Norfolk, Virginia, through which talented pre-medical students attending Hampden-Sydney may gain early assurance of positions at EVMS. A limited number of students (usually two) are selected from the rising sophomore class by the Health Sciences Advisory Committee and the EVMS Admissions Committee based upon the merit of both their academic performance in highschool and in their first year of college as well as their extracurricular activities. Students selected for this early acceptance are expected to maintain a rigorous academic program as they finish their bachelor degree and are encouraged to take a broad range of courses in keeping with the traditions of Hampden-Sydney. This program affords these students greater opportunities within the liberal arts experience while eliminating detrimental competitive influences associated with per-medical tracks. For more information concerning this program, interested students should contact the chair of the Health Sciences Advisory Committee early in their freshman year.