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Lee Ayscue '15 Named a Goldwater ScholarLee Ayscue '15 Named a Goldwater Scholar
Russell Lee Ayscue, a junior chemistry major and Patrick Henry Scholar, has been named a 2014 Barry Goldwater Scholar, one of only six Virginians to receive the award. The Goldwater Scholarship is awarded to students who have displayed outstanding potential and intend to pursue research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences, or engineering. This year the Goldwater Foundation has awarded 283 scholarships nationally, from a pool of more than 1200 applicants. Full Story...

The chemistry program centers on the mastery of broad concepts in the classroom and development of independence in the laboratory. Introductory classes, averaging 25 students per section, and advanced classes, averaging 5-10 students, are taught by five Ph.D. chemists. The chemistry program is accredited by the American Chemical Society and was recognized by the Association of American Colleges in a nation-wide search for innovative departmental curricula.

The four-year integrated laboratory experience is a unique aspect of our nationally-recognized program. If you major in chemistry, all your lab work will consist of individual, openended projects, usually a semester long. You will need, and find available, a lot of help from the faculty on your projects and will rapidly develop skill and self-reliance as you approach chemistry like a professional scientist. You will concentrate on experimental design and interpretation of results, and oral and written reports on your projects will give you proficiency in scientific communication.