Chemistry Graduates

Name Post-Grad Affiliation Post-Grad Activity
J. Benjamin Cook PPD Industries Chemical technician
W. Cole Hawthorne TBA TBA
L. Avery Moncure Pennsylvania State University Graduate student in chemistry
Basil Panton University of Rochester Graduate student in chemistry
Arne Ulbrich University of Wisconsin Graduate student in chemistry
Andrew Basinger Hampden-Sydney College AV Technician
Chad Harte Va Commonwealth University Pharmacy
Drake Huzek BASF Chemical technician
Brandon Newcomb Va Commonwealth University Dental school
Henry Skiba North Carolina State University Graduate school mathematical finance
Chris Arnat* Va Commonwealth University Graduate school in medicianl chemistry
Nick Bandy* Eastern Va Med School Medical student
John Campbell* Washington University Graduate student in chemistry
Matt Huff Univ. North Carolina-Charlotte Graduate student in chemistry
Andrew Huffman
Ryan Parrish
Sean Platt West Va School Osteopathic Medicine Medical student
Andy Surface* Washington University Graduate student in chemistry
Gordon Zrelak Penn State University Graduate student in chemistry
Mike Antolini West Va School of Osteopathic Medicine Medical student
James Baldwin Ohio College of Podiatric Med. Medical student
Ben Barnhill Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc. Scientist
John Booker
Andrew McLeod* Wachovia  Financial consultant
Jay Rawles Eastern Va Medical School Medical student
Stephen English*
Robbie OCain
John Michael Robbins* Auburn University Grad student in chemistry
Kevin Thompson Kelley Technical Services Chemical technician
Mithilesh Adhikari* Stanford University Grad student in chemistry
Brad T. Benedetti Va. Commonwealth Univ. Grad student in chemistry
Stephen Diegelmann* Johns Hopkins Univ. Grad student in chemistry
Shea A. Duerring Eastern Virginia Med. ASch.
Alexander D. Garcia
James Rock Campbell University JD/MBA program
Aaron K. Skeen Barr Laboratories, Inc. Chemical technician
William E. Slack* Va. Commonwealth Univ.  Dental student
David Arney North Carolina State grad student chem
James Blackburn
John Burrell* Univ. South Carolina medical student
C. W. Clemmons Signature Consultants Resource manager
Jonathan Cox Los Alamos National Lab chemical research technician Now:  George Washington Univ.
Robert George Sentara Healthcare IT technician
David Good* Univ. Wisconsin-Madison grad student chem - PhD '09
Michael Kramer Stone River Construction private contractor
Henry Sanders Alabama Sports Med. Clinic clinical technician
David Wehunt US Armed Forces
Stefan Wiese Georgetown Univ. grad student chem
Keith Williams North Carolina State Univ. grad student chem - PhD '09