Dr. C. William Anderson

Dr. William AndersonMcGavacks Professor of Chemistry
Gilmer Hall, 208
(434) 223-6187


B.S. University of Massachusetts, 1972; M.S. University of Cincinnati, 1975; Ph.D., University of Cincinnati, 1978.

My areas of interest within chemistry include Chemical Analysis (sometimes called Analytical Chemistry) and Biochemistry.  These are among the courses I regularly conduct. Within these general areas, my students and I regularly carry out projects in:  redox enzymes, oxygen carriers and their model compounds, computer interfacing of instruments, spectroelectrochemistry, producing biofuels from algae, supercritical fluid processes, neurotransmitter redox chemistry, anticorrosion and anti-biofouling mechanisms.

The Hampden Sydney Chemistry Department's laboratory curriculum doesn't just let some seniors or selected students take part in research projects.  We require it.  This allows students to dig into several projects and fields during their undergraduate years.