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Rising Senior Works in New York and Beijing Rising Senior Works in New York and Beijing
Lawrence Bowers '16 has been busy this summer working in New York City and traveling to Beijing to participate in a two-week program through the Yale School of Management. A double major in Economics and Business & Spanish, Bowers began the summer as an analyst at Ingalls & Snyder, a 90-year-old investment management firm located in midtown Manhattan, then headed to Beijing, China, to participate in a two-week "Fundamentals of Management" business program through the Yale School of Management. Full Story...

Dr. Steve Levkoff, a Modern-Day Renaissance ManDr. Steve Levkoff, a Modern-Day Renaissance Man
For the past year, students have been buzzing about the new professor in the economics and business department, Dr. J. Stephen Levkoff. Having spent the past 30 years as a senior Wall Street executive and as a serial entrepreneur in technology and healthcare, Levkoff brings a different perspective to the College and sees himself as a "futurist and change agent". Full Story...

Economics in the Liberal Arts
At Hampden-Sydney College, economics is an exploration of the world using the tools of economic analysis, an exercise in critical thinking, and a chance to enhance your ability to operate successfully in the world.

The many distinct specialties that potentially emerge from a base of economic knowledge require us to offer three distinct majors within the department.

  • Economics and Business Major
  • (General) Economics Major
  • Mathematical Economics Major

As an economics department within a liberal arts college, we serve the student body at large as well as our majors. To do this we focus our efforts in four areas…

Our introduction to economics class is taught as if it were the only course that students will ever take in economics, as opposed to the first class in a series. We want every student, not just economics majors, to have the opportunity to learn the economic way of thinking. 

What we do matters. If applied properly, the tools of economics can lead to greater insight into many issues of great importance. We offer a wide variety of courses that allow students to apply economic analysis to different areas including commerce and finance, public policy, health, globalization and the environment.

Advanced Scholarship
We offer several courses in advanced theory including financial analysis, Austrian theory, econometrics, history of thought and mathematical economics. In addition, senior seminars offer opportunities to do meaningful research in business management and public policy.

Co-curricular Opportunities
The faculty of the economics department is actively engaged in the scholarship of their fields and we want our students to have that opportunity as well. To this end we offer independent studies for credit, research grants through various privately funded sources as well as extra-curricular activities related to the study and application of economic principles.