Economics and Business Degree Requirements

Students may choose from one of three majors: Economics, Economics and Business, and Mathematical Economics. The requirements for all students majoring in Economics or Economics and Business are 30 hours in the Economics and Business Department, to include Economics 101, 103, 301, and 303, and, in addition, Mathematics 121 (or a higher level Statistics course) and 140 (or a higher level Calculus course). Students are expected to take the two required Mathematics courses prior to the junior year and to complete Economics 301 and 303 during the junior year.

Beyond these specific courses, the Economics major requires the student to take Economics 401 and 402, and the Economics and Business major requires Business 222, 231, 233, 241, 421, and 422. The Mathematical Economics major requires 21 hours in Economics to include Economics 101, 103, 301, 303, 306, and 308, and, in addition, Mathematics 121, 141, 142, 231, and 242, and Computer Science 261.

No more than six hours of courses at the 100-level in the Economics and Business Department may be applied toward any degree in the department.

Interdisciplinary majors within the social sciences may be developed and pursued with the approval of the departments concerned.

updated 7-13-2012