Checklist for Creative Writing Minor

The Creative Writing Minor consists of five courses: four creative writing courses and one literature course that focuses on a genre. A student completing this minor must choose a "track" or specialization, normally either poetry or fiction. He will take both the beginning and advanced writing course in that track and will then select an appropriate genre course to complete the track.

English majors who elect to complete this minor are allowed to count one course towards both the English major and the Creative Writing minor. Students completing the Creative Writing minor who elect also to complete the Rhetoric minor are allowed a one-course overlap.  

Required Courses:  

____   English 250.  Introductory Creative Writing: Poetry  
____   English 252.  Introductory Creative Writing: Fiction  
____   Rhetoric 301. Creative Nonfiction    

Tracked Electives:  

____   One advanced-level creative writing course, normally English 350 or 352. (Students who wish to specialize in creative non-fiction might arrange for an independent study.)  
____   One literature course focusing on the appropriate genre. Examples are English 316 (Modern British and American Poetry) or English 323 (Contemporary Poetry) for students specializing in poetry, or English 317 (The English Novel) or English 320 (The Modern Short Story) for students specializing in fiction.