The Tragedy of Macbeth

Directed by Shirley Kagan, Associate Professor of Theatre
Program in pdf format

Keir Burton '05 as Macbeth

Tiffany Truitt, Longwood University Senior, as Lady Macbeth


Andrew Mitakides '08  (left) as Macduff and David Capper '05 as Malcolm

Cathy Onorati, Longwood University Freshman, as Lady Macduff

Elijah Wallace '06 as the Doctor of Scotland and Trisha Marie Duban, Prince Edward High School Senior, as Lady Macbeth's waiting gentlewoman.

Barbara Arieti (wife of Professor Jim Arieti) as Hecate, a witch.  



(left to right) Scott Dalton '06 as Caithness, Eric Lewis '08 as Lennox, and Gordon Pannill '08 as Ross.



(left to right) Evan Nasteff '08 as Seyton and Stephen Johnson '06 as a captain.



(left to right) Ben Barnhill '08 as Siward and Professor Alan Lockhard (Economics) who played a doctor, an old man, and a murderer.  Given the state of medicine in medieval Scotland, the first and last parts might be the same.