The Comedy of Errors

Program (PDF)

Commedy of Errors  

Directed by Shirley Kagan

Johns Auditorium
Friday and Saturday, November 1 and 2, 2002
Friday and Saturday, November 7 and 8, 2002
All shows will start at 8:00

Admission: $3 General; $2 Faculty and Staff; Free to ALL Students
For reservations/information call (804)223-7060 or 223-6266

The Hampden-Sydney Department of Fine Arts is proud to present this Fall's production of Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors".  This play, now celebrating its 510th birthday,  has been amusing audiences with its wacky scenarios born of mistaken identity since it was first performed in 1592.  The current Hampden-Sydney production is set in the Wild West, an apt location for an American search for identity.     
The masterful merry-go-round of mistakes and misadventures is one of the Bard's first dramatic works.  Adapted from classical Roman comedic playwright Plautus' "Menaechmi", the plot exposes the hilarious farce of complications which result from two sets of identical twins inhabiting the same little town for one crazy day.

After Emilia and Egeon's family is ripped apart by a ghastly shipwreck, one set of twins  ends up in Ephesus.  Reaching maturity after eighteen years, the other set, from the enemy territory of Syracuse, go out in search of their long-lost brothers. Although it is a peril to their lives to be in Epehsus the brothers are determined to find their twins.  Still, they fail to realize that the familiarity with which they are constantly treated by strangers from the moment they arrive is due specifically to the fact that they are in the right place.  Comedic, chaotic confusion ensues for everyone in town, goldsmith to doctor, wife to mother, as the twins come closer and closer to discovering the truth.  The result is a meaningful progression cunningly delivered through the ridiculous antics of exaggerated characters trapped in an improbable plot.  

This delightful comedy is sure to please every audience, whether fully versed in Shakespeare, or simply seeking an evening of fine entertainment.  The cast and staff for "The Comedy of Errors" include Hampden-Sydney College students and faculty, and students from Longwood University and Prince Edward County Schools.  Set and design as well as technical direction, are by Matthew Dubroff, Fine Arts Department.  Lighting design is by Hampden-Sydney Sophomore Kenneth Bradley.  Director Shirley Kagan is in her sixth year as a professor of theatre at Hampden-Sydney College.  Her last credit was the production in March, 2002 of Aaron Sorkin's "A Few Good Men".