Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot Directed by Matthew Dubroff
Winston Hall
Friday and Saturday, March 26 and 27, 2004 Friday and Saturday, April 2 and 3, 2004

All shows will start at 8:00. Admission: $3 General; $2 Faculty and Staff; Free to ALL Students For reservations/information call (434) 223-6362

The Hampden-Sydney Department of Fine Arts is proud to present this Spring's production of Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot". This play, now celebrating its 51st birthday, has been shocking and amazing audiences for years, from its premiere to the numerous productions worldwide. It is considered one of the cornerstones of  "The Theatre of the Absurd" and with that understanding the current Hampden-Sydney production is an exploration into what meaning there is in this seemingly absurd play.

The plot of the play has been summarized as "Nothing happens, twice." From the seeming insignificance of the events of the play, the heart of the drama emerges from the character interactions. The relationships between the 5 characters of the play are emblematic of many fundamental human relationships. Although the situation and lack of event can seem absurd, "Godot" invites contemplation on some basic human qualities of caring, respect and love. Because of its essential nature, "Godot" has served as an inspiration to much of theatre, TV and cinema that has followed in its wake. Television shows like "Seinfeld" and movies like "Waiting for Guffman" owe a huge debt to the ground that was broken 51 years ago by "Godot".

Because of the current renovation of Johns Auditorium "Godot" will be performed in Winston Hall in a non-tradtional environment. Audience members will be seated all around the stage and will be very near to the performers. This up-close and personal experience will allow for an intimate appreciation of the character dynamics. The actors have trained in the Alexander Technique, a psycho-physical approach to learning which is a basic tool of contemporary actors, in order to give the performers a common language to navigate their way through Beckett's play. This has fostered a detailed approach to the character that will be seen through the smallest gesture and nuance.

This is one of the great plays of the 20th Century and it is sure to create wonder, awe and joy in the 21st. Audiences will find lots of fun and excitement in this unique production. The cast and staff for "Waiting for Godot" include Hampden-Sydney College students and faculty, as well as a student from Prince Edward County High School. Set and lighting design as well as technical direction, are by Brad Stoller, Fine Arts Department. Director Matthew Dubroff is in his fifth year as a professor of theatre at Hampden-Sydney College.