Model Organization of American States

Seal of the Organization of American StatesThe Hampden-Sydney MOAS team met with the delegations from the other participating universities in the Hall of the Americas at the Organization of American States building. The Model was addressed by Albert R. Ramdin, the Assistant Secretary General of the OAS. The delegations then broke into committees to begin meeting with other delegates to caucus and obtain support for their Proposed Draft Resolutions. The General Committee was assigned a crisis scenario which involved the Armed Forces of El Salvador arresting Defense Minister General David Munguia Payes and suspending the government pending new elections. The committee was required to draft and agree on a resolution to address the situation in El Salvador. The rest of the session was spent establishing the agendas for the individual committees and Modus Operandi.
March 26, 2014

OAS Hall of Heroes
Images from the Organization of the American States website.