Colloquium Series 2010-11


Title and Abstract

Dr. Karin Saoub

Roanoke College

Snarks on a Train: Applications of Graph Theory
Sept. 28  

Dr. Julius Esunge

University of Mary Washington

What's the fun with a nondifferentiable continuous function?

Oct. 26  

Dr. Katie Quertermous

James Madison University

Why the Rules Matter: The Mathematics of Elections
Nov. 9  

 Gretchen Falk

University of Virginia

Calibration: A Method to Correct for the Nonresponse Problem in Sample Surveys
Feb. 15

         Mr. Tyler W. Barrus

                    Class of '07

   Technology = = Liberal Arts
Mar. 15, in the Parents and Friends Lounge
      Faculty Presentations   Math and CS Research Topics

Mar. 29


Dr. Leah Shilling

Longwood University

      Putting the 'U' in REUs
Apr. 12

Math and C.S. Club

Question of the Month Solution Writers

Solutions to the year's Question of the Month will be presented

Apr. 28