Colloquium Series 2014-15

The Mathematics and Computer Science Colloquium Series will be held in Bagby 217 on select Tuesdays of the semester from 4-5pm, unless otherwise noted.

    Date/Time       Speaker              Title/Abstract              Location  

 September 23,


Mr. Linh Nguyen Parallel Computing
Bagby 217

 October 21,


Faculty of the Math/CS dept.
Faculty Interest Presentations Bagby 217

 November 5,


Dr. Joanna Wares,

University of Richmond

Modeling Disease Transmission with Ebola as an Example
Bagby 217

December 4,


Dr. Connelly Barnes,

University of Virginia

Data-Driven Methods for Image Manipulation Bagby 217

Dr. Virginia Lewis,

Longwood University

Bagby 217

Dr. Geoff Cox,

Virginia Military Institute

Bagby 217
Student Solution Writers

Solutions to the

Problem of the Month

Bagby 217