Algorithmic Composition

Algorithmic Composition

Some of my recent research has focused on the mathematical structure of basic musical objects, such as scales and chords.  I have also explored how the patterns that appear in mathematics can be utilized to create new musical sounds and compositions. Algorithmic composition is the field that applies techniques from mathematics and computer science to generate musical compositions.  Below are several examples arising from my own research.  Note that in all of these, the music you're hearing is not recorded; rather, it is being computed on-the-fly, as you listen.  (You may need to give Java permission to run in your browser in order to play the applets.)

I hope you enjoy these!  And if you're interested in learning more, please get in touch.

Blue Chimes

Chimes sound the arrival times of a Poisson process.  (Non-repeating duration: about 106000 years.)

Four Part System

A melody is divided among four different voices.  (Non-repeating duration: 2 minutes.)


A light, airy soundscape.  (Non-repeating duration: 24 minutes.)

System 7

Rhythmic patterns transition between different scales.  (Non-repeating duration: 2 hours, 43 minutes, 50.4 seconds.)

Some Tracks