Calculus II, Fall 2016

Class Meetings:

Bagby 020 MWF 10:30 - 11:20, T 1:30 - 2:20

Office Hours:

Bagby 125 MWF 1:30 - 4:00, T 2:30 - 4:00, others by appointment

Link to Webassign

  • Haven't signed up for WebAssign?  It is required for the course.  Sign-up instructions for WebAssign are here.

Course Description

Calculus is the mathematics of change. In addition to its importance as a field of mathematics, it has applications across virtually all of science and engineering, including physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, psychology, and medicine. There are two main branches of calculus, the differential calculus, which describes rates of change, and the integral calculus, which describes the effects of accumulated change. This course is an focuses on the integral calculus and infinite series.


Math 141 (Calculus I) or equivalent.

Class Meetings

Bagby 020 MWF 10:30 - 11:20, T 12:30 - 1:20

Final Exam Date

Tuesday, December 13, 9:00 - noon.


Calculus, 10th edition, by Larson and Edwards

Required WebAssign

I will be running the course using a web-based system called WebAssign. You should have already received an email from me about signing up for WebAssign. You are required to purchase WebAssign with the online homework system.  Instructions for signing up for WebAssign are here.


A TI-84 or TI-84 Plus graphing calculator is recommended for this course. It very good investment, not only for this course, but for other calculus and statistics courses. I do not recommend more advanced models such as the TI-89 or TI-92.

Determination of Course Grade

  • three in-class tests: 50%
  • final exam: 30%
  • homework/quizzes: 20%


Three in-class tests will be given. Tentative dates for the tests are

  • Test 1 -- Tuesday, September 20
  • Test 2 -- Tuesday, October 25
  • Test 3 -- Tuesday, November 29

Final Exam

A comprehensive, in-class final exam will be given on Tuesday, December 13, from 9 am until noon.


I will assign homework problems daily. I expect you to do these before the next class period. The first ten minutes of each class meeting is open to discussion of the practice homework problems. Approximately once every two weeks we will have a short quiz.  Topics for the quiz will always be announced at least one class meeting in advance. The quizzes will be based on the assigned homework.

Attendance and Excused Absences

You are expected to attend every class. See the Hampden-Sydney College Catalog for the College's policies on class attendance. You assume full responsibility for all
material covered during any absence. A grade of "0" will be assigned for all work missed due to unexcused absences.

Make-Up Policy

You will have ample time to complete any online homework assignments, so I will not accept any late submissions for these.  If you are sick on the day of a test or in-class quiz, then you must get in contact with me before the test or quiz is given to arrange a make-up.  If you have a legitimate College-sponsored event in which you must participate (such as a sporting event) scheduled on the same day as a test or in-class quiz, then you must arrange with me to take the test or quiz early.

Laptops, Cell Phones, Texting, etc.

  • no laptops, tablets, etc., in class.
  • all cell phones should be turned off during class, or be put in silent mode.
  • no texting or other use of the internet during class please.
  • no eating during class.
  • no smokeless tobacco in class.