Philosophy 102: Introduction to Philosophy (Janowski)

This course introduces students to philosophy through a series of questions. Among those we may address are the following: Does God exist? What is the relation between faith and reason? Is religious belief a condition of a meaningful life? What is the relation between my mind, my soul, and my body? (Indeed, do I have a mind or a soul at all?) Could a computer think? What makes a person a person? (Are some non-humans persons?) How are we to understand human nature? Do I have obligations to other people? (If so, to whom? And why, exactly?) How should I live my life? (Just what is a good man and a good citizen?)

Philosophy is not a spectator sport. You will be expected to actively engage questions of this sort in the course. Be prepared, in other words, to do philosophy-to think critically about your beliefs, even your most cherished beliefs. (This is challenging, hard work! But the fact that you can do it distinguishes you from a rock or a boot; it also s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s your brain and deepens your understanding about life's basic questions.)