How Can Philosophy Help?

  • Philosophy has been part of a liberal arts education since the inception of the concept and with good reason.  Even one philosophy course liberates students from practical concerns by inviting them to explore questions about freedom, god, immortality, personhood, and more.  

  • Philosophy courses are "enabler" courses.  They work on reasoning skills that enable students to perform better in other fields, including law, mathematics, engineering, business, and the natural sciences.  Studies have shown that students who master the skills taught in philosophy courses tend to outperform their peers in terms of gaining entrance into business and law schools and succeeding once there. 
  • Philosophy courses complement work done in other areas.  There is a "philosophy of" virtually everything.  Being able to think outside of the box of traditional disciplines is an advantage for every student.
  • Students do not need to become philosophy majors to benefit from philosophy courses at all levels.  Students sometimes need to be reminded that when it comes to philosophy thinking is as important as content.
  • Browse the Philosophy Department web pages, especially "Why Philosophy?" for further information.