The Philosophy Major


Required courses for the major include:                                    Advice for majors here.

  • Phil 102 (Introduction to Philosophy)
  • Phil 201 (Logic)
  • Phil 210 (Ancient Philosophy)
  • Phil 302 OR Phil 303 (Modern Philosophy). Phil 302 focuses on the Rationalists, Phil 303 concerns primarily the Empiricits and Kant. Taking both courses is encouraged.
  • Phil 304 OR Phil 305 (Contemporary Philosophy). Phil 304 concerns 19th century philosophy while Phil 305 concerns 20th century philosophy. Taking both courses is encouraged.
  • Phil 412 and 413 (Junior/Senior Seminar)
  • At least three (3) additional electives in philosophy.

Students must take at least ten (10) courses in philosophy, but are encouraged to do more, especially in related fields outside of the department. Double majors are welcome and philosophy is especially well suited to be a second major. Interdisciplinary majors involving philosophy may be developed and pursued with the approval of the departments concerned.

updated 6/23/15