Why Philosophy?

Philosophers are critical thinkers.  If you want to think and reason well about anything, then taking at least some philosophy is a good idea. In philosophy, we do not train people to be lawyers, doctors, or businessmen -- we train them to be better lawyers, better doctors, better businessmen, and better practitioners in general. The vast majority of philosophy majors do not go on to academic careers -- although the preparation you receive here will certainly help you if you decide to do so. 

Ascending EscherThere are many reasons for pursuing philosophy as a career. If the world fills you with wonder and leaves you asking why about even ordinary things, you might have the aptitude to consider philosophy as a profession.  If you want to avoid thinking in the same old circular ways (never really getting anywhere -- see the picture at left), then philosophy is definitely for you.  

Take a look at what some of our past philosophy majors are doing now -- the breadth of their careers and their successes might surprise you!


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