Philosophy Majors

Philosophy majors at Hampden-Sydney typically do not make philosophy a professional career.  The old adage that the only thing philosophy majors can look forward to involves asking "Would you like fries with that?" is now less true than ever.  Instead, our majors go on, and have gone on, to lead successful lives in a variety of fields.

Here is a partial list of what our graduated majors have become.

  • Consultants (for companies like Microsoft Inc. and private firms)

  • Attorneys at Law (several, with some in quality law schools now)

  • Trial Clerks for the U.S. Government

  • Directors of Personnel (for companies like Southern Title Insurance Group)

  • Producer/Directors (at places like the Caribbean Communications Corp.)

  • Computer Programmers and Software Engineers (for successful businesses like Kawasaki Construction and Oakwood Homes)

  • Doctors

  • Chaplains and pastors

  • Managers, financial planners, businessmen of all kinds

Some of our majors have gone to graduate school in philosophy, religion, and other fields.  This is only a small sample of what the skills you acquire in philosophy can help you do.  Think about this: In what position would thinking more clearly, originally, and effectively not be desirable?