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Dr. Stan Cheyne, Resident Weather ManDr. Stan Cheyne, Resident Weather Man
When it comes to the weather at Hampden-Sydney, Dr. Stan Cheyne, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, is considered the campus expert.Cheyne came to Hampden-Sydney in 1990 and has been teaching meteorology since inheriting the course, from a departing professor, in the spring of 1992. He explains that meteorology is a type of applied, atmospheric physics and that his course has recently been renamed "Meteorology and Climatology" to reflect more of what is covered. Full Story...

Relative to enrollment, Hampden-Sydney College educates a large share of the nation's industrial, research, and teaching physicists. This is not by accident; the faculty, innovative in their teaching and active in research, teaches in modern, state-of-the-art facilities housing equipment not typically found in an undergraduate college. Students can work with faculty members specializing in astronomy, astrophysics, superconductivity, physical acoustics, condensed matter, nuclear physics, digital electronics, and computational physics. Hampden-Sydney boasts its own astronomical observatory housing a fully automated, research-grade, computerized reflecting telescope - one of the finest small-college facilities of its kind in the country.