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Journal of Sciences Publishes Vol. 3Journal of Sciences Publishes Vol. 3
The Hampden-Sydney College Journal of the Sciences has published its third annual volume. The Journal showcases Hampden-Sydney student research. For the first two year, the Journal was an on-line publication but this year, there is also a printed edition. According to advisor, Assistant Professor of Biology Michael Wolyniak, "Journals are moving from print to online, so we considered this carefully, and I admit that I was a little skeptical although we have always had in the back of our heads that it would be nice to have a printed copy. This year the desire and the means came together. The response has been exciting; the Journal has a much higher profile on and off campus." Full Story...

Physics Adds 3D PrinterPhysics Adds 3D Printer
J. D. Chaudhry '16
After several weeks of meetings with members of the Student Finance Board and the head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the Society of Physics Students and the Department of Physics and Astronomy purchased The MakerBot: Replicator 2, a desktop 3D printer. The MakerBot is a, microwave size, 3D printer with the capabilities to make professional-quality models using a low-cost consumable, the MakerBot PLA filament. The MakerBot can create models using the easy to use MakerBot MakerWare software along with many 3D design tools such as the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) programs. Essentially, a design is uploaded into a SD card. The SD card is then put into the MakerBot. The MakerBot then creates the model by melting the PLA filament in ascending layers. Full Story...

Relative to enrollment, Hampden-Sydney College educates a large share of the nation's industrial, research, and teaching physicists. This is not by accident; the faculty, innovative in their teaching and active in research, teaches in modern, state-of-the-art facilities housing equipment not typically found in an undergraduate college. Students can work with faculty members specializing in astronomy, astrophysics, superconductivity, physical acoustics, condensed matter, nuclear physics, digital electronics, and computational physics. Hampden-Sydney boasts its own astronomical observatory housing a fully automated, research-grade, computerized reflecting telescope - one of the finest small-college facilities of its kind in the country.