Psychology Department

Regardless of career aspirations, knowledge of psychology can provide excellent preparation for anyone who has a fundamental interest in the behavior, thinking, and feelings of humans and animals. Students who study psychology go on to have careers not only as professional psychologists, therapists, or researchers, but also may enter fields such as law, medicine, business, or education. With a faculty that is actively involved in research and a sophisticated neuroscience and experimental research laboratory, students have the opportunity to pursue independent study and research.

Degree Offierings
Psychology major

Scott Foster '14

Scott Foster '14 has known for a long time that he wanted to protect and serve his country by pursuing a career in criminal justice. A psychology major at Hampden-Sydney, he is well on his way to a career in that field. He has used the College's liberal arts curriculum and an internship at the FBI to gather the variety of skills necessary to flourish in the intelligence industry. Full profile...