Education: Careers in Psychology

Customize your psychology major by choosing courses that will help you meet your career goals.


Introduction to Psychology as a a Natural Science (101) and as a Social Science (102)
Students are introduced to each major area of psychology. 


Quantitative Methods and Research Methods with Laboratory
Students develop transferable data analysis skills, learn statistics software, learn to design, implement, and critique empirical research. 

Lab Course (2 required)

Developmental Psychology

Electives (3 required)

Cognitive Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology


Senior Seminar
Students act as project managers, designing and implementing a research project in their area of interest.


Pursue a for-credit or summer internship in a professional setting:
community mental health  
psychiatric hospitals  
federal government
local law enforcement

Independent Research

Pursue a for-credit research project:
summer or semester
independent or collaborative with a professor