Psychology Mission & Goals

The psychology major at H-SC emphasizes the scientific approach to the study of human and animal behavior through the synthesis of the natural and social science aspects of the discipline. In addition to taking content courses in both knowledge bases, students are encouraged to understand and "do" psychology by becoming involved in research. Laboratory courses and the senior thesis enrich our students' understanding of the methods of core areas of psychology and develop the skills of critical thinking and expression. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the interrelatedness of the different fields of psychology, the relationship between psychology and other disciplines, and the application of principles of psychology to solving real-world problems. Students will be prepared for advanced study in psychology and related fields, or employment after graduation.

The psychology curriculum provides exposure to the traditional, core areas of psychology, with opportunities for students to explore more specialized issues as faculty time and expertise permit. Finally, it is committed to offering to students a structured program of courses and academic experiences to provide an intellectually stimulating and practical major for students interested in studying psychology beyond the introductory level.