Psychology at H-SC

Some students majoring in psychology intend to become professional psychologists or counselors, while others plan to enter such fields as law, medicine, and business.

To major in psychology you are required to take courses introducing you to the scientific study of mental processes and behavior of both humans and animals, quantitative methods, and research methods; laboratory courses from among developmental, personality, learning, and physiological psychology; and the year-long senior research seminar. The rest of your program is tailored to your individual goals. If you are business-oriented, you may choose such courses as industrial/organizational psychology, social psychology, and motivation. If you hope to become a professional psychologist or counselor, you might include personality, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, and clinical psychology in your course of study. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a research scientist in psychology you may focus on such courses as learning, cognitive psychology, and behavioral pharmacology.

Well-equipped experimental and physiological psychology labs allow experimentation with live animals as well as computerized on-line experimental control and data collection. A microcomputer lab provides space for instruction in data management, data analysis, and graphics, in addition to on-line searching for information in the professional literature in the field. A new developmental psychology lab provides space for testing of children and permits observation through a one-way mirror. There are ample opportunities for you to pursue independent research under the supervision of one of the departmental faculty.

An internship and practicum experience in psychology permits interested and qualified students to earn academic credit for working in the field. Here the student gains first-hand work experience in which he has an opportunity to learn how academic knowledge can be applied to the work place. There are both local opportunities for internships, and resources are available to help students find summer internship opportunities in other cities. 

The psychology honorary fraternity Psi Chi is open to students with outstanding records. 

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