Religion Department

At Hampden-Sydney, students can study religion from four major areas: biblical studies, Christian theology and ethics, American religious history, and world religions. Each year, several religion majors attend seminary after graduation, but the majority of students develop careers in business, law, education, social work, and military service.

Religion has played such a deeply significant role in human history that no one can be deemed liberally educated who has not confronted and responded to this heritage. Reflecting this goal of the liberal arts college, our academic role is to promote broad understanding and critical appreciation of the religious dimension of human experience. We see this academic engagement with our students as the primary goal of our department: to promote the process of inquiry and sympathetic understanding, critical questioning and historical study that is appropriate to each of our disciplines.

Degree Offerings
Religion major or minor

Chip Edens '92

I found many mentors at Hampden-Sydney College. The College chaplain helped me realize that you could be lively and be a minister, too. I had had this idea that a minister had to be old and boring, but he showed me that this could be a lot of fun and really meaningful. My religion professor was the perfect combination of scholar and pastor. He taught me about the beauty and complexity of the Bible and of Christianity—but all along the way, he was a caring and compassionate man, who took an interest in me personally during difficult moments of my life."

Henry H. "Chip" Edens III '92
Religion major
Rector of Christ Episcopal Church, Charlotte, NC