McRae Academic Program

  • Religious Autobiography (this Fall listed as RELI 285);

  • One course that introduces the students to the theological or social understanding of religious pluralism (RELI 303, 334, or 336)

  • One course in which the student will engage in ethical reflection and social engagement (RELI 225, RELI 328, PHIL 314, PHIL 316, ECON 211 or GVFA 231)—another course, applicable to the students vocational or occupation aspirations, may be substituted with consultation with the committee.

  • Students will participate in an internship in any discipline in which it is appropriate for ethical and religious reflection to take place (0–3 credits). This would take place over the summer of the junior year or the first semester senior year. Students taking an internship will write about their experience engaging the theoretical material in the program.

  • Students and faculty will meet over dinner once a month when college is in session to discuss facets of vocation, both the needs calling and religious motivations to meet them. Often these meetings will discussion over readings or topics prepared by students. These meetings will also serve as intentional venues for students to analyze their own and one another’s practical experience of religion and service through focused discussion.

  • Finally, McRae Scholars will play an active role in the Program’s various extracurricular activities, including its annual lecture series.