McRae Program Mission & Goals

Mission of the McRae ProgramFoster student discovery of vocation:
The McRae Program maintains that religious traditions intend to create comprehensive worldviews in which adherents find a sense of meaning and purpose. Therefore, the program provides a forum of discovery for students who wish to understand how their own religious traditions or those of others impart, consider and grapple with the issue of purpose and calling. This begins with a deceptively simple question: “Who am I?”

Promote synthesis of engaged learning and moral action:
The McRae Program recognizes that students need a place to reflect on the implications of their liberal arts learning for their own lives and for the world. Therefore, the McRae Program asks students to consider how their knowledge is related to moral action, either through the study of ethics or some other field that looks at the practical application of learning. The McRae Program will create a safe intellectual space for religious reflection and/or reflection about religion, regardless of (though not in spite of ) one’s personal religious convictions or tradition, to understand the nature of religiously motivated service and to understand local and global needs in the world.

Prepare students for the practice of vocation in the context of a modern, pluralistic society:
Given the increasingly diverse society in which we live, the McRae Program contends that commitment to the freedom of religious expression is vital not only to responsible citizenship, but essential to the promotion of the kind of reflection that allows vocational sensibilities to flourish. The Program will expose students to the realities of religious pluralism—with its problems and promises for social engagement—and encourages students to reflect on the promise of interreligious cooperation and dialogue in the context of modern society.

Finally, students will gain practical experience and understanding through internships or volunteering, particularly on the local level.