McRae Program Qualifications

To be considered for appointment as a McRae Scholar, a student will have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above; and will normally have taken, by the end of the sophomore year, at least one course in religion. There is no religious test to be part of this program. However, applicants are expected to have an interest in the interplay between religion and social engagement. While they may be personally religious or not, they should be interested to dialogue seriously and charitably with individuals who may or may not share their own religious convictions. Further, while applicants might anticipate any number of occupations—business, law, medicine, clergy, teaching, etc.—applicants should be interested in how religious experience and belief impact the way an individual or group engages socially to promote the greater common good. In selecting McRae Scholars, the Committee will consider an applicant’s academic achievement and promise, his interest in the interplay of religion and society, and his record of leadership and involvement in the life of the community.