Rhetoric Minor

New Minor

(Sophomores and juniors are encouraged to complete the new version of the minor rather than the old one; however, the Rhetoric program won’t prevent any sophomore or junior from sticking to the old plan. Note also that you can stick to the old plan but we are now offering several substitutions that you might make, which are explained below.)

All freshmen who entered the College in the fall of 2013 must be on the new plan. No exceptions.

New minor: the requirements for a minor in Rhetoric are 19 hours, including Rhetoric 102, 210, 301, and 310. Students must also complete two courses from the following group: Rhetoric 360, Rhetoric 370, and English 380. Finally, students must take Rhetoric 481 during the fall or spring semester of their senior year. Students completing the Rhetoric minor who elect also to complete the Creative Writing minor (see under English) are allowed a one course overlap (Rhetoric 301).

So, the new minor looks like this:

  • Rhetoric 102 (Principles and Practice of Good Writing)
  • Rhetoric 210 (Public Speaking) (offered fall and spring)
  • Rhetoric 310 (Advanced Public Speaking) (offered fall and spring)
  • Rhetoric 301 (Creative Nonfiction) (offered fall and spring)

Two courses from the following group:

  • Rhetoric 360 (Topics in Rhetorical Traditions) (offered fall or spring, alternating with 370)
  • Rhetoric 370 (Rhetoric and Culture) (offered fall or spring, alternating with 360)
  • English 380 (Literary Criticism) Note: English majors have priority when registering for this course!! (offered fall semester only)

Rhetoric 481 (Capstone for Rhetoric Minors) MUST BE COMPLETED IN SENIOR YEAR—you can enroll either in the fall semester or the spring semester. (1 credit hour class)

Old Minor

(Seniors must be on the “old plan,” but, note that we are making several substitutions if you are interested…sophomores and juniors can remain on the old plan (with or without substitutions), or, preferably, switch to the new plan).

Old minor: eighteen hours total, including: 102, 210, 310, and 301. One course from: Rhetoric 401 (students on the old plan can substitute Rhetoric 360 or 370 for 401 since 401 no longer exists), English 380, or Classical Studies 201. One course from: English 350 or 352, Fine Arts 208 or 308, Philosophy 102, Latin 411, French 305, German 402, Spanish 305 or 306, or a capstone course and paper approved by the Director.
(NOTE: for students on the old plan, we will allow you to count Rhetoric 360 or Rhetoric 370 towards the fulfillment of this final category of the minor; keep in mind that if you took 360 or 370 to fulfill one category of the minor, you’d need to take the other one to fulfill the other category).

updated 9/25/13