Special Programs

In addition to offering over 25 majors toward a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, Hampden-Sydney College has expanded learning opportunities on and off campus, and in and out of the classroom to enrich the college experience for its graduates and prepare them for a successful career ahead.

Cooperative Programs
Graduate Business Agreements
Freshman Seminars
International Studies and Study Abroad
May Term
Rhetoric Program
Core Cultures Program
Wilson Center for Leadership
Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy

Pre-professional tracks (Tiger Tracks)

Tiger Tracks are a series of documents designed to help chart a course after Hampden-Sydney College.  We recognize that there are lots of careers that students are interested in, but that don't appear to correspond to our choices in majors.  Tiger Tracks are a bridge between those sides, providing you with a road map of classes, extracurricular activities, resources, and alumni connections that help you achieve your dreams and goals:

Banking and Finance
Communication, Art, and Design
National Security
Real Estate
Sports Management

Cooperative Programs

Eastern Virginia Medical School Joint Program (BS/MD) - Through an agreement with Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), outstanding premedical students may gain assurance early in their college careers of admission into medical school. Each year the EVMS Admissions Committee, in consultation with Hampden-Sydney's Health Sciences Committee, selects a small number of rising sophomores for a program that assures participants admission to EVMS upon satisfactory completion of their undergraduate studies at Hampden- Sydney.

George Washington School of Medicine Early Selection Program - Through an agreement with The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, outstanding premedical students may be selected at the end of their sophomore year to enter the medical school at The George Washington University once they have completed the requirements for graduation from Hampden-Sydney College.

Lynchburg College Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program - Students who meet certain GPA requirements and work with Hampden-Sydney's Health Sciences Committee are eligible for four guaranteed positions in Lynchburg College's DPT program.

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Early Selection Program - Through an agreement with Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, two outstanding premedical students may be selected at the end of their sophomore year to enter the medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University once they have completed the requirements for graduation from Hampden-Sydney College. The program also encourages selected students to choose from among the wide variety of courses in the liberal arts and sciences offered at Hampden-Sydney and relieves them of the stress associated with application to medical school. 

Duke University Fuqua School of Business Early Admission Program: Master of Management Studies - Each year, the Dean of the Faculty and the President together shall nominate up to four HSC students in their junior year, to interview as candidates for early admission to the one-year Master of Management Studies (MMS): Foundations of Business program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. The applicants automatically qualify for interviews for the MMS program which are scheduled directly with the candidates through the Fuqua Office of Admissions.  Interested students must contact the Dean of the Faculty by the beginning of November of their junior year for more information on the application and nomination process.

University of Virginia Darden School of Business Preferred Consideration Program: Master of Business Administration - Each year, the Dean of the Faculty and the President together shall nominate up to four HSC graduates, which may include exceptional members of the current year graduating class, to interview as candidates for admission to the MBA program at the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business. The applicants automatically qualify for interviews for the MBA program which are scheduled directly with the candidates through the Darden Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions to occur at the appropriate point in the application process. Interested Hampden-Sydney graduates and current students must contact the Dean of the Faculty by the beginning of November for more information on the application and nomination process.

Dual Degree Program in Engineering, University of Virginia - Hampden-Sydney College offers students interested in a career in engineering the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the College and a master's degree from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Virginia in approximately five years.

Dual Degree Program in Physics and Engineering, Old Dominion University - This dual-degree program makes it possible for undergraduate students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Hampden-Sydney College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil, Computer, Electrical, Modeling and Simulation, or Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University in five years (five and one-half years in Computer Engineering). Dual-degree candidates enroll in the Physics program at Hampden-Sydney College for the first three years and transfer to the Batten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University for the final two (or two and one-half) years of their undergraduate studies. The dual-degree program is carefully constructed to meet all degree requirements of both institutions and is consistent with established Old Dominion University transfer policies.

Washington Semester and World Capitals Program, American University - Hampden-Sydney students are eligible to participate in American University's program affording qualified students an opportunity to study American government in action through courses in the School of Government and Public Affairs of American University and through direct discussion with major public officials, political figures, lobbyists, and others active in national government. In addition to the regular Washington Semester, the arrangement with American University includes programs in Urban Affairs, Foreign Policy, Criminal Justice, Economic Policy, American Studies, and Science and Technology. 

The World Capitals Program offers semester-long academic work in such cities as Beijing, Brussels, Buenos Aires, London, and Vienna.

Marine Science Educational Consortium - Students who are preparing for careers in the marine sciences, or who have a strong interest in oceanography, may apply to train at a marine facility through the Marine Science Educational Consortium (MSEC) of the Marine Laboratory of Duke University. Through MSEC the students have priority access to formal courses and supervised research in the marine sciences.

Exchange - Hampden-Sydney College participates with Hollins University, Randolph-Macon College, Randolph College, Sweet Briar College, Mary Baldwin College, and Washington and Lee University in a program known as EXCHANGE: A College Consortium. This program, designed primarily for juniors, enables students of the College to study for a semester or academic year at one of the other schools. The program is intended to broaden the educational opportunities of students and to provide a different campus environment.

Longwood University Cooperative Program - The variety of courses available to Hampden- Sydney students is increased by a cooperative arrangement with Longwood University, a state institution in nearby Farmville, under which full-time students at either institution may enroll in certain courses at the other institution without added expense for course tuition, though students may be responsible for incidental expenses such as laboratory, material, or parking fees. 

Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) - As part of the Longwood University Cooperative Program, Hampden-Sydney students may enroll in the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program. Application for the following Military Science and Leadership (MSCL) courses is made through the Registrar at Hampden-Sydney, just as for any other course at Longwood University.

Graduate Business Agreement

 Through this program, Hampden-Sydney College provides superb undergraduate preparation for a career in business, banking, and finance grounded in the breadth and depth of a liberal arts education. However, it goes a step further by allowing you to leverage the College's connections - formal and informal - with renowned graduate programs.

Freshman Seminars

 Freshman seminars are designed to stimulate students' interest in the liberal arts from the outset of their college careers; to encourage students to begin asking important questions and seeking answers to them; and to provide students with the opportunity for interaction with faculty and other students in a small seminar environment. They include a significant amount of both writing and oral presentation. Topics vary from semester to semester,

Honors Program

 The Honors Program is designed for the student who has given evidence of a high degree of intellectual curiosity, independence of thought, excitement about learning, and appreciation of knowledge-for the student who brings out the best in his fellow students and his teachers alike. Participation in Honors work is limited to recipients of honors scholarships and to other demonstrably superior students who apply for membership in the program. (see also Academic Catalogue for more information)

International Studies and Study Abroad

 Hampden-Sydney College values the study abroad experience and endorses a wide array of programs in over 30 countries. In addition to the College's own academic study-abroad programs, Hampden-Sydney students are eligible to participate and earn academic credits in approved foreign-study programs sponsored by other colleges or educational organizations. These programs offer a variety of opportunities for study in Europe, Central and South America, South and East Asia, and the Middle East. (see also Academic Catalogue for more information)

May Term Study Abroad - Each year Hampden-Sydney faculty develop May Term Abroad programs in special topics within their disciplines. These programs generally run from mid-May to mid-June and normally carry 3 to 6 hours of credit (depending on the structure of the program and the content of the courses associated with the program). Costs for these programs typically include Hampden-Sydney tuition, airfare, accommodations, some meals, ground transportation, entrance fees and tours pertinent to course content, and insurance.

Virginia Program at Oxford - Among the endorsed programs is the Virginia Program at Oxford, a six-week summer program at St. Anne's College, Oxford University. Students earn six hours of course credit studying Tudor-Stuart History and Literature the Oxford way, in small tutorials with British faculty supplemented by lectures from many of the best historians and literary scholars in England.

May Term

 Hampden-Sydney conducts a five-week May Term starting one to two weeks after Commencement. One of its purposes is to provide students with an opportunity to take courses which are experimental in content or presentation, particularly those which require extensive time off campus. (See also May Term Abroad, above.) These special summer courses carry regular academic credit. In addition, certain courses offered during the regular session are also offered during the May Term so that students can accelerate progress toward graduation, meet requirements ahead of schedule, or repeat courses.  (see also Academic Catalogue for more information)


 Students may receive academic credit for internships related to their academic fields of study. Such internships combine work done normally in the summer with on-going course work and the production of a substantial research paper on a related issue. Hampden-Sydney's Career Education office offers a wide variety of services to help place students in internships within their areas of interest during their career at the College.

Rhetoric Program

 Hampden-Sydney's Rhetoric Program is based on a 1978 faculty resolution that states, All Hampden-Sydney graduates will write competently. The Program is designed to assure that all graduates can write clearly, cogently, and grammatically. It consists of course work and examinations, supported by a writing center staffed by faculty and peer tutors.

Core Cultures Program

 Western Culture program is a two-semester sequence that introduces all Hampden-Sydney students to the history and cultural achievements of western civilization, from its roots in the early civilizations of the Middle East to the present day. The course is grounded in a consideration of both historical sequence and significant historical and cultural questions; it examines a variety of texts--literary, philosophic, theological, artistic--placed clearly in historical context. Ultimately, the course aims to explore "the way we live now" through a consideration of our cultural legacy.

Global Cultures program is a two-semester sequence that introduces students to global processes across time. The course is thematically organized and contextually centered. It does not attempt to narrate a "history of the world;" rather, it compares hierarchal structures, cultural frameworks, and regional and global networks from the beginning of human history to the present. It emphasizes how contingency and human agency have shaped the global past, how civilizations are mutable "works in progress," and how texts serve as examples of authors writing within specific historical contexts.

Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest

 The Wilson Center oversees campus-wide efforts to prepare students, alumni, and the people of Southside Virginia to be informed citizens and effective leaders.

The James Madison Program in Public Service - This Program is for students interested in careers in government. Those who successfully complete the Minor receive the Public Service Certificate and have their participation noted on their transcripts. Students enrolled in the certificate program are expected to engage in community service activities either as participants in the "Good Men, Good Citizens" program or through association with organizations such as Habitat For Humanity.

Military Leadership and National Security Studies Track - This track in the public service program is designed for students who are interested in the historical, political, cultural, ethical, and legal dimensions of national security policy as well as the place and role of the military in American society. Those who successfully complete the Minor receive a certificate in Military Leadership and National Security Studies and have their participation noted on their transcripts.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Political Economy (CEPE)

 CEPE seeks to motivate undergraduate students to create a more just and prosperous world through entrepreneurship and scholarship in classical liberal political economy. 

Entrepreneurship - The goal of the CEPE Entrepreneurship Program is to encourage entrepreneurial innovation in our students and provide them the experience, skills and connections necessary to go from ideation to implementation. The program brings successful entrepreneurs to campus, sponsors workshops in the practical aspects of running a business and connects students with entrepreneurial mentors.

Political Economy - The CEPE political economy program encourages students to investigate the relationship between political structures and social outcomes. Our goal is to provide opportunities for students who have an interest in the rationale and effects of public policy to develop the research, reasoning and communication skills necessary to prepare them for graduate programs and "idea" careers. By sponsoring a progressive series of programs from public lectures and reading groups to writing workshops and student research grants we create a community where students can explore and develop their passion for ideas.