For Faculty

"To succeed in college, undergraduates should be able to write and speak with clarity, and to read and listen with comprehension. Language and thought are inextricably connected and as undergraduates develop their linguistic skills, they hone the quality of their thinking and become intellectually and socially empowered."

Ernest L. Boyer, Carnegie Foundation

Open Mouth. Insert Knowledge.
Faculty who include oral communication activities in their classes enjoy increased student learning of course content as students actively engage in the formulation and expression of ideas. Oral presentations, debates, group discussions, role - plays, interviews, and panel presentations are just a few of the many oral communication options available to instructors.

Incorporating Oral Assignments provides faculty with the tools for designing assignments that will both enhance student learning of course content while giving students the opportunity to strengthen oral competencies. Evaluating Oral Assignments offers suggestions for critiquing oral work. The section titled Leading Discussions offers some basic tips for increasing oral participation in class. The Faculty Workshops page provides info on upcoming oral rhetoric workshops on the Hampden-Sydney campus.