For Students

A Fate worse than death?

For many people, Public Speaking is the ultimate horror, beating out heights, insects, financial problems, deep water, illness, and, yes, even death. The good news for presenters is that stage fright and its accompanying symptoms can be controlled. It's true.

Don't panic. Help is here!
With instruction, thorough preparation, and sufficient practice, you can learn the skills needed to become a strong, confident, and engaging speaker. Come by the Ferguson Center for one-to-one assistance with your presentations, or check out the links that follow to learn the basics online.

Identifying the causes of stage fright is the first step in dealing with Speaking Anxiety. Learn the importance of respecting the Hampden-Sydney Honor Code as you practice Ethical Speaking in two Types of Oral Presentations, informative and persuasive. Group Presentations afford team members unique challenges and opportunities; learn the basics here. Finally, follow the online tutorial for step-by-step instruction in the Preparation and Delivery of your presentation.