For Students

Services include assistance in the following areas:

  1. Coping with speaking anxiety
  2. Choosing and narrowing your presentation topic
  3. Creating an outline for your presentationCreating engaging speech introductions and powerful conclusions
  4. Improving delivery skills in both verbal and nonverbal communication
  5. Integrating audiovisual aids in your presentation
  6. Organizing group presentations
  7. Preparing presentations for professional meetings and conferences

What happens in a Ferguson Center session?

One-on-one assistance is given in both the preparation and practice of speech making. The preparation step involves working with a consultant, if necessary, to prepare a well-organized outline for your presentation. The practice step begins with videotaping your speech. You then have the option of watching the videotape on your own, or, preferably, with the speech consultant. Discussion of your presentation will focus on the strong points of your presentation as well as areas that may need improvement.

What items should I bring to the session?

Please provide a copy of the assignment, information about how the presentation will be evaluated, and your research and notes for the presentation. If you have an outline, bring that as well.

What about the Honor Code?

It is not a violation of the Honor Code to receive assistance in the Ferguson Center. Remember, consultants in the Center will not do your research or write your speech for you; they are happy to assist you after you have done your preliminary research and work.

How do I make an appointment?

Stop by the Ferguson Center in the Bortz Library and sign the appointment book, call the Center at 223-7151, or simply drop by the Center when it is open. The first available consultant will be happy to assist you.

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