Rhetoric 210: Public Speaking Syllabus

Course Description and Goals:
In Rhetoric 210 students will study and practice the art and science of public address. Through an examination of the five classical canons of rhetoric, students will learn the skills needed to speak intelligibly, forcefully, and persuasively to an audience.  Students should be able to:

A. demonstrate a working knowledge of the rhetorical principles of invention,disposition/arrangement, style, memory, and delivery

B. demonstrate an awareness of audience and occasion in speech preparation

C. develop a topic fully and effectively

D. research and present evidence to support claims

E. employ appropriate use of eye contact, gestures, and vocal expression when speaking

F. critically review their own and their classmates' speeches

G. analyze and respond to live and recorded speeches

H. employ methods for reducing speech anxiety and techniques for improving listening skills

I.   use professional, gender-neutral, and inclusive language in interpersonal, small group, and   public communication settings

Course Requirements:
10%     Homework, quizzes, self-critiques, and active participation in class
10%     Midterm Examination
80%     Speech Series:

Speech 1:  Topic Defense: Why My Topic Matters
Speech 2:  Informative:  What You Need to Know about My Topic
Speech 3:  Persuasive: Why You Should Accept My Position
Speech 4:  Call to Action: What You Need to Do to Make a Difference